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Folknow is an internet/web entity created by Graham Dodsworth for the purpose of providing information or access to Australian folk music organisations and events (including clubs and festivals).
It is non-profit volunteer based and from time-to-time hopelessly out-of-date (apologies).
Even in such state 'folknow.com' is still of value tracking down folk stuff (radio shows etc.,), particularly other websites that might be kept 'up-to-date' (more regularly).
At times you'll find this one totally up-to-date, yeah right
(I'm actually thinking of doing an update sort of nowish 2012-0518).
As mentioned above there are other sites that cater to some and similar intended functions of 'folknow.com' so hopefully you will at least be able find them from 'folknow'.
All queries can be directed to  and should generate a response within a year or two.
Happy folking!